Your Local Corrosion Monitoring Company


Who we are

Corrosion Sampling and Integrity Ltd. is a locally owned and operated internal corrosion monitoring company. 

What we do


  • Internal Corrosion Monitoring
  • Pipeline ROW Inspections
  • Gas & Water Sampling
  • Pipeline Risk Assessments and Vessel and Pipeline Information Gathering

Parts and Equipment


  • High-pressure coupon retrieval tools and valves
  • Access fittings and holders 
  • Corrosion coupons 
  • Scale coupons
  • Milling machine and procedures to mill out fittings while under pressure
  • Electronic  probe monitoring service, sales and rentals
  • Supplied breathing air mounted on the service vehicles

Internal Corrosion Monitoring


All of the staff with Corrosion Sampling and Integrity Ltd. hold all current applicable safety training certifications to work in Alberta and British Columbia. Corrosion Sampling and Integrity Ltd. also has developed and implemented a safety management system within the company to ensure that every job is done safely.

 All Corrosion Sampling and Integrity Ltd field staff are trained on the equipment they use with their jobs to make sure every job is done complete and correct every time. 



All of our lab equipment is tested and calibrated regularly and analysis is done to meet NACE RP- 0775-2005 specifications. 


Our lab personnel is a NACE certified Corrosion Technologist and also an Internal Corrosion Technologist.